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We have provided school coaching for many years now. Covering a variety of different schools around Hampshire. We have been coaching at Infants, Juniors, Primary, Private, Secondary and College. We create sessions for all age groups and mixed abilities. Our style of coaching is very unique and guarantees progress whilst following the National Curriculum. We can provide progress reports and come along to parents evenings to talk and mix with parents. We have in the past introduced schools to new sessions such as golden time, lunchtime activities, 1 to 1 behaviour sessions and disability sessions.


PE Programme

Our PE Programme is designed to keep school children ACTIVE, EDUCATED and INSPIRED. The programme provides well planned age appropriate lessons in line with the National Curriculum which are broad balanced and show progression. We keep regular assessment reports on classes and work closely with the class teacher to provide all the information on children that excel or need room for improvement.

After School Club Care Package

Our very popular and successful after school club care package provides fun and exciting activities after school for all children. We can not only provide sports such as Football, Dodgeball, Multi-Sports etc but we can also provide calmer after school clubs such as Lego and Yoga Clubs.

You can choose just an individual after school club which includes a 1 hour club after school or you can choose our care package which is 3 hours after school 3pm – 6pm providing activities for the children until they are picked up from their parents. The care package is designed for parents that work later hours. 

Lunchtime Activities

Our Lunchtime Activities allow the school to have a personal playground plan to give sporting opportunities to the children in their relax time at school. We can provide activities that are controlled and do not have 20 v 20 playing football. We can use a music box for the children to understand that when the music is on the activities can be played and when the music is off it means it is time to pack all the equipment away

Golden Time Activities

We know a great golden time activity for schools is outdoor play. We provide small sessions for golden time activities for children to be able to express themselves whilst having fun. We can accommodate for whatever needs a school has in golden time as we know all schools are different and we can also offer new ideas for your school.

Fitness In Schools programme

Our fitness in schools programme is a fantastic idea to get your school moving. The programme involves fitness circuits, fun boot camps, fitness maths and achievement runs. If your school is looking to get your children more active or want the children to get rid of some energy throughout the week then this programme is perfect for you

'WAKE AND SHAKE' Breakfast Club Care Package

Previous studies have shown that if children exercise before school it can improve learning inside of school. This package is similar to the after school package but is before school. Times can start from 7:30pm offering a fun WAKE AND SHAKE session.

For more information email us at info@zukosports.co.uk


Zuko Sports delivers a professional PE Programme that focuses on developing children physically, building confidence and working on personal, social and creative abilities. Our fully qualified staff deliver our programme to the highest quality and comply with all school policies and health and safety regulations.

 Zuko Sports follows the National Curriculum and are fully aligned under Ofsted requirements. 

We provide enthusiastic, dedicated staff to deliver curriculum games lessons to both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, incorporating the National Curriculum targets, assessment and lesson plans.

Lunchtime Play Activities 
Lunchtime Play Activities is a supervised scheme that allows children to be able to participate in different sports at lunchtime.  There will be a designed layout of an activities area specifically for your school that allows each child to be able to see and understand where the equipment belongs, must stay and must be carried out. The layout can involve a variety of different sports and activities and can be chosen by you to meet your school needs. This scheme can also involve a music box which allows the children to understand when the music is playing the activities may begin and when it stops the equipment must be put away.

After School Clubs

Zuko Sports can offer a wide range of after school clubs for schools. We look to allow children to express themselves in after school clubs by making them fun but educational. 

 The After School Clubs Zuko Sports can offer are:

  • Football
  • Dodge ball
  • Indoor Football Arena
  • Tennis
  • Multi-Sport
  • Dance (Street or Musical Theatre)
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